Thursday, August 24, 2006

A prayer

I am browsing blogspot and found this post about a prayer request. Check it out.
Daily walk with Jesus: Overcoming a spirit of fear - Part 2

This is what we should also do. Pray for others and not just for ourselves. Let us intercede fo the physical, spiritual needs of others.

Good Prayer Habits

Prayer is a personal communication with God and we must set aside a specific time of the day and dedicate all of it to prayer. And be consisent - regard your prayer time as an appointment with God. Just like all our regular appointments except that this one is very special.
Also there is a corporate prayer. As christians it should be part of our relationship with others. May it be at home or with our friends. You can have a prayer partner with your friend or be involed in a cell group. Its a good practice.
Selecting a good place for prayer is also important as we prone to distractions. So a place that is quiet or anything that suits you would be fine as long as you can pray properly.
Remember that we are talking to God. He is listening and we can tell him everything. He knows all that we've done so let us not let our sins become a barrier. Confess all our sins and dont hide anything. Talk to Him like He's in front of you. Cast all your anxieties to Him because He cares.

More on prayers..

One thing that i sometimes notice when others pray is that they tend to use words that are excessively repeated. This is more prevalent in early teens where they often copy and use phrases that are in someone's prayer. An example would be to use "Heavenly Father" after a phrase. Like they would say the phrase a couple of times in a single sentence. Now, saying "Heavenly Father" is not wrong, its good as we are acknowledging God as our father but always saying it to the extent that it has lost its meaning is not good. We should say those things because we mean it and not just to add some spice to our prayer or because we always hear it in other's prayers. And if we do that, it's just like talking to a friend in front of you and always saying his/her name a couple of times before you even finish a single sentence.

When we pray, we should be more specific of what we are praying, may it be a supplication, thanksgiving or forgiveness. We are talking to a living God here. He wants to hear what we have to say. Don't generalize when we pray. He wants us to open our hearts to Him and that includes talking openly to Him.

Praying is an integral part of being a christian. Let us make it a wonderful experience by removing those undesirable habits.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Unanswered prayers?

I sometimes hear the term "answered prayers" but technically all our prayer requests are always answered by God. There is no such thing as "Unanswered Prayer". God has 3 answers when we ask him about something : Yes, No, Wait.

Of course, when He says yes, it means that He has grant us whatever it is that we ask of Him. Then sometimes the answer is wait. Sometimes God uses this answer to test our faith. Or maybe what we are asking isn't appropriate at the moment so he holds our requests. And lastly, God will also answer no. Why this happens depends on a lot of things. Maybe because we pray with a doubt. Or that we have a wrong motive to what we are asking. Also we may be trying to impress others with our prayers.

And if we ever received no as an answer, we must examine ourselves why. Apart from the reasons stated above, there are still lots of things that must be considered. Maybe we are asking for things that we treasure more than God. Sometimes, we can discern what we did wrong and correct it and sometimes we may never find out.

The bottomline is that whatever is the answer, we must always be grateful and thankful of Him because He always want the best for us.